A nutritious and tasty stir-fry dish that’s easy to make, simply use minimal seasoning to enhance the natural flavours of these vegetables!

Discover the taste of Thailand with this exciting dish of fresh tender squid accompanied by sweet and spicy sauces.

Fish lovers must not miss this classic delicacy! Sink your teeth into crispy pomfret, seabass or any fish you like, while the delightful combination of sweet, spicy and savoury flavours is sure to awaken your appetite!

A mouthwatering dish that screams sedap, simply puree the marinade ingredients into a paste and chill overnight to infuse the shrimp with flavours!

A classic delicacy in the region, Mee Goreng boasts umami-packed flavours, this simple and versatile dish can be easily prepared by stir-frying noodles with fresh ingredients such as crunchy vegetables, chicken and egg.

This popular street food is filled with crisp veggies like shredded jicama and carrots. Served warm, they are a real finger food for any occasion. Dip into Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce for a delicious treat!

This Malaysian and Indonesian delight, literally meaning ‘grilled fish’, has perfectly charred flavours that’s hard to resist!

A simple dish that is easy to prepare and yet immensely satisfying, crisp and crunchy bok choy is a great accompaniment to rice.