Maximum flavour, minimum fuss! Simply whip up the quick and hearty dish of Ayam Teriyaki in 20 minutes or less with the right aromatics and sauces!

Ever wanted to cook up your own crowd-pleasing dish of mutton masala…? Get started with this easy-to-follow recipe that yields succulent mutton pieces in a rich, creamy gravy, best served with a side of tasty chappati!

Crisp outside yet juicy inside, recreate the unbelievable flavours of perfect roast chicken, paired with your favourite sautéed vegetables!

A comforting and delicious Hong Kong-style dish, yee mee (egg noodles) boasts crunchy noodles drenched in a velvety, flavourful gravy, best enjoyed piping hot!

Eat nutritiously without sacrificing taste with this dish of silky smooth tofu, with added savouriness from Salam Oyster Flavoured Sauce. Served with perfectly blanched bok choy that’s crunchy to the bite!

Spicy, savoury and sweet, this tempeh-licious dish will have you reaching for seconds! Simply blend paste ingredients in a blender, before tossing in fried tempeh strips and red onions for added texture.

Spice up your family mealtimes with the appetising red hues of this well-loved traditional dish that’s best enjoyed with rice!

A delicious Malay stew infused with delicious flavours from herbs and spices, this dish boasts a signature thick, black sauce and spicy tinge, that’s perfectly paired with tender beef!